Monday, June 16, 2014

Rendering free service at the hospital in Cilavathurei

The citizen forum organized a grand rendering free service at the hospital in Silavathurei in last Sunday. This program was conducted by the  citizen forum as a request of officials in the hospital at the citizen forum meeting of Musali.
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Citizen Forum meeting
 An occasion of the citizen forum meeting leaded by M. Saaro Ruban, president of the citizen forum in Musali, Mannar
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“Mulikulams’ people in trouble without equipments for fishing industry” A petition was handed over by citizen forum to the Divisional Secretary 
A petition was handed over by the citizen forum to the higher government officials to be presented for the divisional secretary in Mannar on providing fishing equipments for the people who resettled in Mullikulam, said Sunesh Soosai, the organizer of the citizen forum in Musali.
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Police took up the clinic center,  Pregnant mothers are in discomfort
Pregnant mothers are facing many troubles when they come to consult doctors  because the police took up the building which was used as the clinic center in Silavathurei, Mannar. There is no building facility to hold a clinic on existing situation in Silavathurei area. 
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A request of the people in Arippu to develop transport facilities
The manager of Sri Lanka Transport Board in Mannarsalei is concerned on not having a  proper transportation system up to Kondachchikuda village which is in Musali local government domain, Mannar said M. Saaro Ruban Kruss, the president of the citizen forum in Musali. The bus which goes to Arippu from Mannar should tough the village of Kokkupudayan. That is the usual root. 
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 A request to open  the people’s gallery 
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A petition to the president of local government 
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