Monday, June 16, 2014

Citizen Summit at Anuradapura

A citizen summit was held related to  Active Citizenship for Development Network  on 17/18th of February 2014 in Sevalanka Foundation in Rajanganaya, Anuradapuara. There were four main purposes to organize this event.  Reviewing the whole program being participated the citizen forum members was one the main purposes of the summit. The citizen forum process has past three years on the project. It provided an opportunity the citizen forum members to set together and analyze the program assessing the progress, weakness and challengers.   

Citizen forum members were able to strengthen the relationship among the citizen forums as well as interpersonal relationship also. It planned to aware the citizen forum members about different subjects through the summit. We invited to four external resource persons to share their knowledge with the citizen forum members. In that way,  Mr. Pradeep Jayarathne who is a journalist and political analyzer expressed on  role and responsibility of the active citizens in this   existing political, economic and social context in the country.
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